1. Upholding Integrity
This concept represents our company's character, it is our basic and most important concept, and also our principle that we follow in doing our business. Our interpretation of Integrity is
  • Honesty.
  • Do not exaggerate or show off.
  • Be practical,
  • No promises are taken lightly. Once we make a promise, we give our 100% at all costs.
  • We compete with our peers within legal scope, but never maliciously slander. We select and cooperate with suppliers in an objective which are in a clean and fair manner.

2. Focus on Global Market and International Management
We target for global market and we do not limit ourselves to Southeast Asia or other countries. Flowers are an industry that crosses national borders. And our strongest competitors are also international companies. If we can't look far to build competitiveness in the world market, we will eventually be unable to survive, let alone competitiveness. Our roots are in Taiwan. To establish partners in major markets around the world is the meaning of international managements.

3. Aware of long-term strategy and pursue sustainable operation
We know that sustainable business is like running a marathon, requires cooperation of speed, endurance and strategy, rather than doing short sprints of 50 meters or 100 meters.
We are convinced that "people with no vision, are firstly to worry." As long as we can plan long-term strategies and implement them carefully, the short-term and more urgent and regular sprints will be greatly reduced.
Therefore, we plan long-term strategic plans for the next five years annually. In our daily work, we also implement those plans and get results.

4. Clients are our Partners
We have positioned our customers as partners from the very beginning and we will never compete with our customers. This positioning is the key to our success in the past and the key of our continued growth in the future.
We regard the competitiveness of customers as the competitiveness of TSMC, and the success of customers is also the success of TSMC.

5. Quality is the principle of our services
Whether inside or outside the company, everyone we serve is our "customer." And "customer satisfaction" is "quality".
In Gan Lin Agriculture, every employee is responsible of Quality. We should stick to our posts, pursue excellence and strive for perfection. Not only do we earnestly do every task but also to our best and we review our operations at any time. To strive for improvement, to pursue and maintain "full customer satisfaction", this is the concrete practice of "quality is the principle of our work and service".
We also want to keep the company full of vigor and vitality, and always uphold a proactive and efficient attitude to deal with things in response to the ever-changing market.

6. Making Challenge
I believe that for most of my colleagues, a challenging, continuous learning, and fun working environment is more important than monetary rewards. Uphold a proactive and efficient attitude at all times to respond to the ever-changing challenges. We work together to shape and maintain such an environment to attract and retain like-minded and best talents.

7. Establish an open management model
We create an environment for better communications and establish an open management model. "Open" means that colleagues treat each other with integrity, frankness, and cooperation. Colleagues are willing to accept opinions and are willing to improve themselves. At the same time, we will also accept opinions of all parties through a brainstorming sessions, and after a decision is made, we will unite as one, regardless of you and me, and concentrate our efforts towards our common goal.

8. Taking care of our employee welfare and shareholder rights, giving back to society
Employees and shareholders are both important to our company. We want to provide employees with a benefit that is above standard of our industry.
At the same time, company's growth is also due to the cooperation of the society and the industrial environment. We continue to try our best to give back to society and play our part as corporate citizen.
As long as all my colleagues can abide by the above-mentioned (our company’s core business value) at any time and implement in our work, Gan Lin can continue to grow and thrive, and become a world-class company that Chinese people are proud of. (Giving back to the society)