To all new buyers and future partners who want to start develop business with Gan Lin, we really appreciate your time and your business opportunity. Here are some simple guides and steps for making our first transaction with ease.

Step 1: Let us know what you need.

1)     Orchid Variety.

2)     Flower size.

3)     Size of plant.

4)     Quantity.

5)     Shipping schedule.

Step 2: Getting us to know more about you, your company and other information.

1)     Company information.

2)     Contact information. E.g. Address, phone number.

3)     Shipping Destination (sea port and airport you use).

4)     Size of your greenhouse / nursery

Step 3: Product list.

1)     We will send you an availability list of our products.

2)     We will discuss the list together

3)     Send us your Purchase Order.

Step 4: Document application

1)     We will send you a Proforma Invoice

2)     Send us your Import license/Permit.

Step 5: Final step

1)     100% payment 2 weeks prior before shipping date.

2)     We deliver your order to you.

After service:

After completing our first business, we begin our second journey together. We will provide all orchid growing tips to you and walk you through all the way to make our orchid even more enchanting. Together we make world a more beautiful place.